Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New article 'Does craft beer need a hechsher?'

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I would like to let you all new that a new article has been published on The Mentch .com.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Popular Hard Seltzer's Kosher Status

Brand                            (Parent Brand)                   Kosher Status Hashgacha
Truly Hard Seltzer Boston Beer                        Certified Star-K 
Henrys Hard Seltzer MolsonCoors                      Certified            OU
Vizzy                               MolsonCoors                      Certified OU
Artic Summer               Polar Seltzer                       Certified OU
Austin Eastcider           Austin Eastcider                Certified OK
White Claw                    Mark Anthony                   Not Recommended*
Bud Light Seltzer          AB-Inbev                             Not Recommended*
Corona Hard Seltzer Constellation Brands        Not Recommended*
Bon Viv                           AB-Inbev                             Not Recommended*
Natural Light               AB-Inbev                              Not Recommended*
This is a partial list. (subject to change)
For questions and comments please contact Avrahom Pressburger @Koshercraftbeer@gmail.com.
*All major hashgachos require flavored beverages to have reliable  kosher certification.