Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Samuel Adams Summer Variety Pack

One of the biggest questions Kosher consumers have is the Samuel Adams Seasonal Variety Pack. The Star-K gives certification on all Boston Beer products. However as the seasons change so does the Beer, and their LOC isn't always updated. As soon as we have information regarding these beers we will post. Thankfully, we now have full info on the latest seasonal.
The Summer of 2016 Variety Pack as usual has six beers

  • Boston Lager (Star-K)
  • Summer Ale  (Star-K)
  • Whitewater IPA (Star-K)
  • Belgian Session (Star-K)
  • Heaven or Helles ( Not Recommended)
  • Got to Gose (Not Recommended)
I hope this information helps you choose great Kosher Craft Beer


  1. Why is it not recommended? The H or H doesn't seem to have any kosher sensitive ingredients in it.

    1. Thanks for your interest. I got this from the Star-K Website, and I have no insider info. Feel free to contact the Star-K and let me know.

    2. Notice the Fall Variety Post. All beers are recommended.