Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Samuel Adams 2016 Winter Variety Pack

As it is November 1st Samuel Adams has released it's new seasonal variety pack and I am here to provide Kashrus Info.
2016 Winter Variety Pack

Despite the Star-K having recently "updated" their LOC for Boston Beer Co. (Oct. 28) they haven't actually made any changes since last March's update. Therefore we will have to go pictures of the labels as I did in the Fall Variety. As in every variety pack there is Boston Lager. There are also 3 beers that appeared in last year's Variety Pack and 2 new ones (in italics).

In conclusion it seems that 5 out of the 6 beers are Star-K Certified, with the last one not recommended.
This hasn't not been confirmed by the Star-K and if there are any updates, I will definitely keep you posted.
I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer.


  1. I got in touch witn Samuel Adams brewery regarding Chocolate Bock. According to their Consumer Response Representative Samuel Langrock, Chocolate Bock isn't kosher. This response was received on Dec. 5, 2016.

    1. Thanks for your interest! It is very possible nothing has changes since 2015 when i got my info, it just isn't officially certified and therfore not officialy Kosher. However, I will add what you commented into the post.

  2. Per response received today from Star-K, Chocolate Bock is dairy and is not certified by them. Presumably, if it was certified by Star-D, they or the brewery would have mentioned that, as Star-D is a collaboration between Star-K and NCYI, with the kashrut standards being those of the Star-K, except that the Star-D products are cholov stam. Note that the Star-K stopped short of saying that the product is not kosher, rather saying that they don't certify it, and hamayvin yavin. Probably best to consult with your rabbi with any questions, and present him with this information.