Sunday, November 13, 2016

Shmaltz Brewing Co. Update

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Interestingly enough I have yet to cover the only full Kosher Brewery in the US in any of my posts. That Brewery is Shmaltz Brewing Co. Therefore I figured with some exciting new releases either out or on the way, that now is the time.
Image result for shmaltz brewingTheir Brewery is located in Clifton Park, NY near Albany. After many years of contract brewing, they moved into their current location in 2013. Their beers are under the Hashgacha of the KSA, and the hechser should be on the bottle. (If there is no Hechsher, you should contact the KSA) Almost all their beers are certified Kosher but there a couple of exceptions, so be sure to look out for their logo. 
This year is Shmaltz's 20th anniversary so they brewed a couple of big beers to commemorate it. The first is Genesis 20:20.

As the label shows this is a Barrel-Aged Tart Barleywine clocking in at a whopping 16.7% ABV.    

The second beer is the usual Jewbelation, with this one being called Jewbelation 20.

This is an American Strong Ale which clocks in at a tick heftier 16.8% ABV.         
Both these beers are certified by the KSA 
I hope to get my hands on these beers and eventually try them, if that happens I will report back with reviews.
As basically all beers brewed from Shmaltz are kosher, I hope to report about them more often.
I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer

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