Friday, December 23, 2016

Beer Reviews: Chanukah 5777: Shmaltz's Chanukah Beer

Chanukah The Festival of Lights is upon us, (starting tomorrow night 25 Kislev 25 December) and what better way to celebrate the downfall of the Greeks and the Miracle of the Oil, than with a beer made specifically for Chanukah.
In 2014 Shmaltz introduced Chanukah, Hanukah Pass the Beer, which was brewed with 8 malts 8 hops and was 8% ABV and a dark winter warmer. This year they have put out a beer with same name but an entirely different brew.
As you can see on the label this beer is also brewed with 8 malts 8 hops and weighs in 8% ABV. However this beers is a golden ale brewed with Cocoa Nibs.
As with most beers brewed by Shmaltz, this beer is certified by the KSA.
I hope to drink this beer over Chanukah (I already have a 4-Pack waiting) and report back on how it is. I would also like to hear about your experience as well, and feel free to post in the comments.
I hope everyone has a beautiful and uplifting Chanukah!!
I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer.

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