Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Beer Reviews: New Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale

One of the more popular posts on this blog has been the one with New Belgium's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale(click here to see post). A collaboration with Ben & Jerry's this beer was brewed to taste like an Ice Cream. I had the opportunity to drink this beer and here is my review.

This beer appears clear, dark-ish gold in color, with a thin white head.
The aroma is, amazingly, chocolate chip cookie dough!
The taste is, light rice-like malt, real chocolate chip notes on the linger, with a doughy finish. It feels light bodied and fizzy. Overall this may not be the best tasting beer, but for what they were trying to do, it is superb!

*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale is under the supervision of the Scroll-K*

Monday, January 16, 2017

Beer Reviews: Samuel Adams Hopscape

After posting my first review here, I have decided to make it a regular feature on the blog, as often people are interested in viewing tasting notes before purchasing a beer.
As a rule I will only review beers that are on any of the three Lists on the top right corner of the blog.
Also these reviews are solely based on my drinking experience. On that note, on to today's review.
This beer is Samuel Adams new Spring Seasonal Hopscape. For those that remember from previous years, this is taking place of Cold Snap. Hopscape is available in 6 & 12-Packs plus it is one of six beers in the Brewnited Pack.
The beer appears a cloudy pale gold, with a fluffy rocky white head and great retention.
A fresh burst of piney hops scent jumps out at you, along with some sweet malty aroma.
The taste is a surprising citrussy juicy burst, reminiscent of grapefruit, that leads into a yeasty follow and finish, with ever so slight kiss of hops along for the ride.
There is a nice creamy feel, medium bodied, and lightly carbonated.
Overall this is a solid wheat beer, refreshing, flavorful, not much else to ask for, except, I wish the hops in the aroma would have continued on to the taste as well.
*Hopscape is under the supervision of the Star-K*

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Chanukah 5777: Shmaltz's Chanukah Beer Review

As promised here is my review of Chanukah by Shmaltz.

12oz bottle into Nonic Pint

The look is clear dark gold with nice fluffy white head, that sits quite nicely, really nice lacing
There is a nice malty aroma with hints of chocolate
The taste is that of sweet malt light not too heavy, hints of the cocoa, plenty of fruity yeast esters on the linger, balanced hoppy finish, with cocoa making an appearance in the finish as well
The feel is smooth drinking, medium bodied with a nice creamy feel, no alcohol bite
Overall a great beer, smooth drinking like a great Blonde Ale, with some warming qualities perfect for the season..

*Chanukah Beer is under the supervision of the KSA*

Samuel Adams Brewnited Spring Variety Pack Jan. 2017

As it is January 1st, 2017 Samuel Adams has released it's new seasonal variety pack and I am here to provide Kashrus Info.

Samuel Adams Brewnited Variety Pack.

Image result for brewnited variety pack
Every year on January 1st Boston Beer Co. releases a new variety pack, last year's was called Cabin Pack whilst this year, they have renamed it Brewnited Pack, with the slogan Beers That Unite.
There are only two repeats from last year and the rest are all different with some being brand new and others making reappearances. Before we get to the beers, a little heads up about the Kashrus info. Although three of the beers do appear on the current LOC, the Star-K has yet to update their LOC and therefore, I am going to go by the labels as I have done in the past.

The Beers Are:
  1. Boston Lager (Star-K Certified) Classic Vienna Style Lager
  2. Hopscape (Star-K on Label) Hoppy Wheat Ale
  3. Fresh as Helles (Star-K on Label)  Helles Lager with Orange Blossoms
  4. Noble Pils (Star-K Certified) Bohemian Style Pilsner
  5. Ella Blanc IPL (Star-K on Label) India Pale Lager
  6. Irish Red (Star-K Certified) Classic Irish Red Ae
Based on the information that is available, this would make the whole pack Certified.
This hasn't not been confirmed by the Star-K and if there are any updates, I will definitely keep you posted.
I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer.