Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beer Review: Lakefront Beerline Barleywine

I hope everyone had a great Purim.
Here is a review of a beer that I had sitting for over a year. The style of this beer is a Barleywine. Click the link for more info on the style.
Some of you might be wondering, what you have stored that beer for over a year? The answer is, that some beers can be aged. For more on thIat click here.
On to the review.
The beer pours a murky dark brown with an almost immediately disappearing head. There is sweet brown sugar on the nose, along with strong oak-y vanilla notes, and a trace of alcohol as well. It tastes similar to the nose, I am also picking up a lot of caramel,  black licorice and the dominance of the oakiness on the finish. The alcohol barely shows at all which is surprising at 14%. The feel is thick and syrupy ,this beer is a heavy duty sipper. Overall a wonderful beer that has aged really well, and is great for sipping on a winter day.
This beer is no longer in production. However, I do know of a place where you can purchase it, if you are interested please contact me @

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