Thursday, March 9, 2017


In what is considered breaking news in the Kosher Craft Beer world the CRC has changed their policy regarding beer.
Here is a copy:
All standard unflavored beers with no additives are acceptable, even without Kosher certification; see exceptions below. This applies to both American and imported beers, light, dark and non-alcoholic beers. However, since some breweries produce non-kosher beer which can affect even unflavored beer produced on the same equipment, it is recommended to only consume unflavored beer from a non-certified brewery after verifying that they do not produce any non-kosher beer such as oyster, bacon, clam, and lobster. Exceptions include: Beers from home and pub breweries, beer from Israel, milk stouts (and other beers which contain lactose), and flavored beer, including those flavored with spices, botanicals, or fruits, require hashgachah.
To summarize this allows beers from all craft breweries assuming they don't produce beer with non-kosher ingredients.

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