Friday, March 3, 2017

New Beer: Samuel Adams Rebel Juiced IPA

As we get closer to Purim more people are heading to their local Beer Shops to try out some new beers. Luckily, Samuel Adams has put out some new ones. The one that I am focusing on today, is an IPA. 
Below is a basic description of the style culled from
The American IPA is a different soul from the reincarnated IPA style. More flavorful than the withering English IPA, color can range from very pale golden to reddish amber. Hops are typically American with a big herbal and / or citric character, bitterness is high as well. Moderate to medium bodied with a balancing malt backbone.
Rebel Juiced IPA
RebelJuiced Detail
Swirling with ripe aromas of mango and tropical fruits, this IPA is jam-packed with juicy, citrusy hops and mango juice.  It’s as if we took fresh hops and mangos and put them in a juicer (website)
This beer is obviously flavored as there is Mango Juice, however the good news is, that is certified by the Star-K, as there is a logo on the Bottle (still no update to LOC).
Rebel Juiced IPA appears in 6 packs and retails between $8-$10.
Here is wishing everyone a beautiful Purim.
I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer.

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