Monday, April 3, 2017

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Rebel Juiced IPA

As mentioned in a previous post Sam Adams has released a new IPA, called Rebel Juiced IPA. This is a 6.2% ABV India Pale Ale brewed with Mango Juice and natural flavors. IPA's are hoppy beers, and due to the fact the that hops fade over time, they are best drunk fresh. The best by date is May, 2017 so it still within the brewers code. This leads us to the best part, the beer.

The beer pours a clear honey color, with thick head of foam. It smells like mangos interspersed with pine. There is sweet creamy start to this brew, followed by a "zesty" mango, and finishes quite beautifully with a dry piney bitterness. The feel is smooth and creamy at first, with a dry sticking to the tongue finish. Overall this is a pretty solid brew, balanced and drinkable, can't ask for much more.

*Rebel Juiced IPA is under the supervision of the Star-K*

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