Sunday, April 23, 2017

Samuel Adams Summer Variety Pack: American Summer


With Summer just around the corner, the Boston Beer Company has released their new seasonal variety pack. The 2017 version is called American Summer, and has a couple of old classics and few new beers.
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There are only two repeats from last year and the rest are all different with some being brand new and others making reappearances. Before we get to the beers, a little heads up about the Kashrus info. Although two of the beers do appear on the current LOC, the Star-K has yet to update their LOC and therefore, I am going to go by the labels as I have done in the past. 
The Beers Are:
  1. Boston Lager (Star-K Certified*, and on Label) Classic Vienna Style Lager
  2. Summer Ale(Star-K Certified*, and on Label) American Wheat Ale
  3. Hefeweizen (Star-K on Label) Classic German Wheat Ale
  4. Berliner Wiesse  (Star-K on Label) Tart German Wheat Ale
  5. Tropic of Yuzu (Not Recommended)* Exotic & Juicy Wheat Ale
  6. Golden Hour (Star-K on Label) Helles Lager
In conclusion 5 out of the 6 beers are Star-K Certified, with the last one not recommended.
*Update 5/25/17* Thanks to Shraga Teichman for the update, (Email from Star-K)

I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer.
*As per current LOC Feb. 2017

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  1. Why is the tropic of yuzu the only one without a star k? To my knowledge and the crc lists I've seen, this is the only Sam Adams I've seen without a star k on it?

    1. Good question. The crc only lists the beer with the Star-K, but not the not approved ones. Over the years there have been many beer put out by Sam Adams that weren't Star-K approved. Check out my post from last year's Summer Variety Pack, where 2 beers weren't recommended. And it was (and still is)listed on Star-K's beer list.

  2. What does not recommended mean?

    1. It means that the Star-K is not approving it as kosher.