Sunday, July 30, 2017

Samuel Adams 2017 Fall Variety Pack

With Fall just around the corner, the Boston Beer Company has released their new seasonal variety pack. The 2017 version is called Beers of Fall, and has a couple of old classics and few new beers.


There are only two repeats from last year, while the rest are all different, with some being brand new and others making reappearances. Before we get to the beers, a little heads up about the Kashrus info. Although three of the beers do appear on the current LOC, the Star-K has yet to update their LOC and therefore, I am going to go by the labels as I have done in the past. 
The Beers Are:

This would indeed make the entire pack certified.
This has not been confirmed by the Star-K & if there are any updates I will keep you posted.
I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer.
*As per current LOC Feb. 2017

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Friday, July 28, 2017

New Kosher Brewery?

After contacting the brewery I have decided to remove the post.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Beer Review: Sam Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams is an iconic American Craft Brewery, and they were also one of the first. The beer they built their brand around is Boston Lager, which is a Vienna-Style Lager. They also have been Kosher-Certified by the Star-K since 2006. Therefore, it is quite an honor for me to present my review of the great Boston Lager.

Boston Lager pours a
light amber in color, with inch thick white head that becomes rocky, before dissipating into a ring of lacing. There is a sweet caramel malt aroma, along with yeasty, doughy notes. The beer hits the tongue with sweet caramel, followed by some toffee notes, it lingers with a floral hoppiness, and goes down in a yeasty doughiness. Leaving a well balanced aftertaste with medium bodied feel that is enhanced by the carbonation.

Overall this is  an extremely well balanced beer, very drinkable and great tasting, can't ask for anything more in a lager.

*Boston Lager is under the supervision of the Star-K* 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Variety Pack

Samuel Adams has had the Brewing the American Dream Program since 2008. It is a program to help small businesses get off the ground with small to medium sized loans. (for more info click here)
Now for the first time they are releasing a Variety Pack brewed in collaboration with breweries that use the BTAD program.

The variety pack has six beers with five of them being brand new collaboration beers and the final one being the Sam Adams mainstay Boston Lager.
The beers are
  • Boston Lager ( (Star-K approved, based on last LOC Feb, 2017)
  • Boston Tea Party Saison (Star-K on Label)
  • ThreeNinety  Bock  (Star-K on Label)
  • Time Hop Porter  (Star-K on Label)
  • Oats McGroats Stout  (Star-K on Label)
  • Desert Kaleidoscope IPA  (Star-K on Label)
For more info on each beer click here.  
The great news is, that it seems like the whole pack is indeed Kosher-Certified (based on the labels). 
If there is any update to the Star-K LOC, I will post an update.
I hope this helps you choose good Kosher Craft Beer.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser IPA

The next beer I will be reviewing is from Samuel Adam's core lineup of beers. They produce many IPA's under the Rebel series, (Click here for my Review of Rebel Juiced IPA) and this is one of their two Double IPA's. A double IPA is similar to a single IPA. However, more hops are added to add bitterness. In order too balance it out, more malt is added as well, which then translates to more alcohol. Rebel Rouser IPA clocks in at 8.4% ABV.

Samuel Adams has updated their packaging and the lower left picture is their current label. However, the picture that I have with the beer in the glass (upper right corner) is of their old packaging.

The beer appears amber red in color, with a big fluffy white head, nice retention, and leaves lacing along the side of the glass. It smells exactly like you would want a big double IPA to, with a big citrus-y aroma, along with pine notes, behind a big malty background. The beer hits the tongue with toasted caramel malt, has a nice and fruity linger, which is followed by a walloping hop finish that is just beautiful, with notes of citrus & pine.
The beer has a medium-bodied feel, feels great on the tongue, and has the perfect amount of carbonation. Overall this a great brew, it's well balanced and delivers the hops quite wonderfully.

*Rebel Rouser IPA is under the supervision of the Star-K*

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Beer Review: Boulevard Saison-Brett

Boulevard Brewing in my opinion, is quite simply the most exciting Kosher-certified Brewery. The reason being, that aside from a core lineup of great beers, they have some extraordinary limited releases that are almost always kosher. For that I am grateful to the Va'ad of KC, for continuing to make sure that great Kosher Beer reaches us.
Image result for saison-brett 2015
The beer I will be reviewing today is called Saison-Brett. It is released once a year, usually in May, and is available in cork & caged .750 ml bottles. Saison is a loose term for a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, which they would drink after the harvest on the farm. Therefore it is an easy drinking beer, but may be a bit higher in alcohol. Brett is short for Brettanomyces, a wild strain that imparts a distinctive earthy quality, which is added along with other yeasts to the bottle, making it a bottle conditioned beer. The alcohol content is 8.5% ABV.
The vintage I drank is 2015, & I cellared it for about a year after purchase.

It appears a slightly hazy blonde in the glass,with a huge white foam head, that leaves plenty of lacing. There is a sweet grainy bready aroma, some floral notes, along with pineapple. The taste is similar to the nose, with plenty of funkiness as well, which is complimented by the dry bubbly mouthfeel of the Brett. The feel is medium-bodied, dry and effervescent, with a tight bubbly sesnsation. Overall a great Saison, further enhanced by the Brett character.

*Saison-Brett is under the supervision of the Va'ad of KC*

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