Friday, July 21, 2017

Beer Review: Sam Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams is an iconic American Craft Brewery, and they were also one of the first. The beer they built their brand around is Boston Lager, which is a Vienna-Style Lager. They also have been Kosher-Certified by the Star-K since 2006. Therefore, it is quite an honor for me to present my review of the great Boston Lager.

Boston Lager pours a
light amber in color, with inch thick white head that becomes rocky, before dissipating into a ring of lacing. There is a sweet caramel malt aroma, along with yeasty, doughy notes. The beer hits the tongue with sweet caramel, followed by some toffee notes, it lingers with a floral hoppiness, and goes down in a yeasty doughiness. Leaving a well balanced aftertaste with medium bodied feel that is enhanced by the carbonation.

Overall this is  an extremely well balanced beer, very drinkable and great tasting, can't ask for anything more in a lager.

*Boston Lager is under the supervision of the Star-K* 

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