Thursday, August 3, 2017

Beer Review: Shmaltz She'Brew

I always love reviewing beers from Shmaltz, as they are brewed by a member of the 'Tribe'.
This beer is a Double IPA, which is an imperialized version of an IPA.

The beer appears a peach color in the glass, with a chill haze, the thin white head dissipates almost immediately into ring of lacing. There is a sweet caramel aroma, along with tangerine, with resin and pine representing the hops. Tastes like sweet caramelized sugar, followed by candied Esrog, and a bitter resin on the finish. It has a thick full-bodied feel, making it a heavy sipper, with moderate carbonation. Overall an above average sweet Double IPA, that is balanced by the bitterness to create a 'quench' factor, only to be held back by the 9% ABV.

*Shmaltz She'brew is under the supervision of the KSA* 

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