Sunday, November 19, 2017

Beer Review: Boulevard Funkier Pumpkin

This beer is one of, if not the most, unique beer I've had the privilege of drinking. While Boulevard only released it one year (2016), it my humble opinion it's a great one.
They took the basic Funky Pumpkin (which I did not get to try), and added the wild yeast strain Brett, thereby making it Funkier. This isn't your typical Pumpkin Beer at all, as you'll see in the review below.
Funkier Pumpkin pours a pale orange/light pink (a really cool color), with a thin white bubbly head. The aroma starts off like Pumpkin spice with cloves and nutmeg, and then takes a wild turn with funky Brett. The taste again starts off as a classic Pumpkin beer, with the classic gourd-y pumpkin taste and spices, that is quickly followed, however, by a tart sour flavor that is just right, and finishes with funky Brett character. The beer is medium-bodied, with average carbonation, and was super drinkable, I couldn't detect a trace of the alcohol.
Overall this is not the average take on a Pumpkin beer, but this is quite the Pumpkin Beer! The most impressive factor was how all the flavors were balanced beautifully, despite the seeming random mix going on.

*Funkier Pumpkin is under the supervision of the Va'ad of KC*

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