Sunday, November 12, 2017

Beer Review: Saranac F.X. Matt's Haus Lager

This beer is another one from the Saranac German Roots Fall Pack. It is called Haus Lager, it is actually a German Style, called Munich Helles Lager.

 The beer pours clear gold, with bubbly white head. Not much on the aroma, slight yeasty dough, and floral notes. The taste is of light crisp malt, followed by doughy yeast, with a complex earthy and floral finish.Haus Lager is light-bodied, and moderately carbonated. Overall a nice drinking lager with a complex earthy finish, that upgrades the whole beer.

*Saranac F.X. Matt's Haus Lager is under the supervision of the Va'ad of Detroit*

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