Sunday, January 21, 2018

Beer Review: Boulevard Scotch-on-Scotch

The next beer Iwill be reviewing is Boulevard Scotch-on-Scotch. It is a scotch style ale which is aged on oak chips, that were used to age Scotch whiskey. Scotch ales are usually sweet with toffee ,caramel and higher and alcohol. This beer has those characteristics with the added complexities of the Scotch chips.
The beer pours  a ruby red and appears brown in the glass, with no head. The aroma is rich slightly roasted sweet caramel mal. It tastes like too-sweet malt, has a nice mellowness too it, with a smoky peaty finish. The feel is medium-bodied, has average carbonation, and a slight syrupy feel. Overall this beer had potential, however it was a tad bit too sweet, I personally really enjoyed the smokiness though.

*Boulevard Scotch-on-Scotch  is under the supervision of the Vaad of KC*

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