Sunday, March 25, 2018

New Kosher Brewery: Bira 91 from India

There is exciting news coming from OU Kosher. The OU whom already supervises many breweries, has added another one to their portfolio.
That is Bira 91 based in New Delhi, India.
Bira 91
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Bira 91 calls themselves a craft brewery that is based in India, and is now expanding the US as well.
At this point the OU is certifying the following 3 beers:

Blonde Lager, OU
White Wheat Ale, OU
India Pale Ale, OU
Any new information will be updated to this post.

For more info on Bira 91 here is a link to their website.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Beer Review: Uinta Brewing Ready Set Gose

I have to be one hundred percent honest here, most of my reviews are just that, a review of my beer drinking experience. While, I sometimes would like to write more, time and other constraints keep me from doing that.
However, as this beer is so uncommon, I feel like I have no other choice but to go into more detail.
Despite the (in)famous Reinheitsgebot Purity Law in Germany, there were always some exceptions to the rule. One is the famous use of wheat (instead of barley) in Hefeweizens. Another exception, is the style called Gose (Go-zah).
Gose originated in Leipzig, Germany and slowly faded, before almost disappearing entirely. However, recently with the popularity of 'sour beers', Gose has seen a resurgence.
As a result, many American Craft Breweries have begun brewing a version of it.
Like Hefewiezens, Gose also has wheat in the malt bill, but that is not what sets this beer apart. Rather, it is the addition of the spice Coriander, and get ready for this, salt, that makes this beer so different.
These addition of these ingredients to a base sour beer, make for a unique yet refreshing brew.
The coriander in the beer, constitutes this as a 'flavored beer', and therefore requires certification. We as Kosher Consumers, are privileged that Uinta Brewing Co. based in Utah brews a Kosher-Certified version.

 Ready Set Gose pours a slightly hazy dark gold, with a big fluffy white head. The aroma is  citrus fruit, along with salt. It tastes of wheaty malt, followed by lemon, and goes down in a salty finish. The feel is light-bodied, yet fully-carbonated. Overall this is like a tart lemonade, with the salt subtly tingling the tongue, bringing you back for another sip.

Ready Set Gose is 4% Alcohol By Volume.

*Ready Set Gose is under the supervision of the OU*

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kosher for Passover Beer: Ginger Tipple

Kosher for Passover beer is an oxymoron, as all standard beer contains leaven grains. However, Jeremy Sulzbacher had other plans. He has created a Belgium-based (contract) Brewery that brews a gluten-free  kosher for Passover beer. What is unique about his gluten-free beer is, that while a lot of gluten-free beers do already exist in the United States. They are made from gluten-free grains such as rice or sorghum. The problem with that is, Jews of Askenazic descent, do not eat those grains on Passover due to their similarity to gluten grains, and are otherwise known as Kitniyos (loosely translated as legumes).
Thererfore Mr. Sulzbacher created a beer from ginger, which besides being gluten-free, is also Kosher for Passover.

About Us
The following is copied and pasted from their website
Jeremy Sulzbacher, the CGO – Chief Ginger Officer – was inspired to make the Ginger Tipple to drink on Passover when religious Jews cannot drink regular beers. The result is a gluten free beer style drink.
The result of his efforts are:
Ginger Tipple is a zingy and fresh ginger beer fermented with the finest natural gingers and sugars. Each ginger root is peeled and grated by hand. We hand-bottle and the carbonation from the second fermentation in the bottle is natural. Of course, we regularly taste the Ginger Tipple!

He brews 3 other varieties including a light version and a Kreik (cherry) version.

The bad news is, that Jeremy was unable to arrange for distribution to the US in time for Passover 2018, but the beers are available in Kosher Stores in Belgium as he shared on  Instagram.
Currently the only way for Americans to buy Ginger Tipple is, through websites that sell Belgian Beer oversees. There is a list of them on Ginger Tipple's website which can be seen here.
Here is to hoping that we can get this amazing product in time for Passover 2019 in Jerusalem!

*Ginger Tipple is certified Kosher for Passover by the OK*

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