Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sam Adams 2018 Summer Variety Pack: American Summer

With Summer hopefully just around the corner, the Boston Beer Company has released their new seasonal variety pack. The 2018 version is again called American Summer, and has the standard classics along with some new beers.
(photo courtesy of Samuel

As was the case for the Spring Variety Pack the Star-K has updated their LOC to include current beers. Therefore all the information on this season's pack is on the current LOC.

  • Boston Lager (Star-K Certified) 
  • Summer Ale (Star-K Certified) 
  • Raspberry Lemon Gose (Star-K Certified)
  • Golden Ale (Star-K Certified)
  • Hefeweizen (Star-K Certified)
  • Pale Ale (Star-K Certified)

This indicates that the Sam Adams 2018 Summer Variety Pack is entirely Kosher-Certified. This is the first time since 2015 that all the beers of the Summer Pack are Kosher-Certified.
(photo courtesy of Samuel
Sam Adams has also released their Beers of Summer Variety Pack, which includes three entirely different beers, all in cans. Two out of the three are on the current LOC (Feb. 20, 2018) with the third only having info available on the can.
  • Sam '76 (Star-K on can)
  • Hoppy Wheat Ale (Star-K Certified)
  • Porch Rocker (Star-K Certified).
The Beers of Summer 2018 Pack is also Kosher-Certified.

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