Friday, June 15, 2018

Kosher Homebrew Review #2: American Wheat Ale

As a unique addition to the blog, I have added reviews of friends homebrewed beer. This is the second review, you can view the first one here. This is a different 'brewer' than the first one,and this is his second batch.
It is always great when you have friends that are enthusiastic about drinking and brewing beer. When he proudly gave me a bottle, he requested that I review it. I am glad that I can now share it with you as well.
I excitedly pour the beer into a glass, it appears burnt orange/light brown in color, with a nice off-white head that slowly recedes. It gives off bread & yeast aromas, along with orange marmalade, and citrus. It tastes of a fresh baked yeast cake with a layer of orange jam, and goes down in a beautiful citrus-y finish. The feel is light-bodied & slightly watery, with average carbonation. Overall a well done homebrewed beer, that tastes a lot like a Belgian Wheat, although the actual attempted style was American Wheat. 

I would like to thank this aspiring brewer, for giving me the opportunity to review his beer. I would like to wish him much luck on his upcoming batches!

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