Sunday, August 5, 2018

Beer Review: Bira 91 IPA

Way back in March I wrote a post about a new Kosher-certified brewery, ( you can view it here ). The brewery is called Bira 91, and is based out of New Delhi, India. Well, recently I came across some of their beers, and bought one. The one I chose is their take on the classic English IPA.
When I looked at the bottle, I was surprised to see on the label "Imagined in India", but brewed in Utica, NY (presumably at the FX Matt facility). So it is an Indian brand, but in theory only. Below is my review:
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It pours clear dark gold into the glass, with super thin white head that quickly dissipates. The aroma that follows is caramel, pine, and tangerine citrus. The taste is a mellow fruitiness that follows into a bitter dry finish. The feel is a
Light-to-Medium-bodied, with average carbonation. Overall this was interesting as it had this mellow flavor that I couldn't place, it wasn't overly malty or 'stale', but different.

*BIRA 91 IPA is under the supervision of the OU*

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