Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Beer Review: Uinta Piggy Back Peach IPA

Back when I first started the blog, I had no idea in which direction it would go. I figured it'll be a learning process. Guess what? It still is. I especially appreciate all the feedback that you wonderful readers give me! So back in the beginning, I wrote a couple of posts called New Beer Watch, thinking it would become a regular feature on the blog. While I did post a few of those, it has basically gone by the way side. Well, one of the first was, Uinta Brewing Piggy Back Peach IPA, and last week I came across that beer for the first time! Please see my review below.
The beer pours an ever so slightly hazy gold with two finger thick cream colored head, that has amazing retention and stays until the bottom of the glass. The first sniff is pine, but after that it's peach all the way through. The taste begins with lightly toasted malt, followed by peach, that leads into a nice piney finish. The feel is light but not watery,with a touch of creaminess as well. Overall this is a pleasant surprise, while obviously this beer is very peachy. Uinta managed to make this a balanced brew, with the pine standing out in a nice way.

*Piggy Back Peach IPA is under the supervision of the OU*

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