Sunday, August 12, 2018

Samuel Adams 2018 Fall Variety Pack

With Fall just around the corner, the Boston Beer Company has released their new seasonal variety pack. The 2018 version is called Beers of Fall, and has the classic mainstays along with two new beers.

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There are actually three repeats from last year, while the other three are different, with two being brand new and the last one making a reappearance. 
Before we get to the beers, a little heads up about the Kashrus info. 
As was the case for the Summer Variety Pack, the Star-K has updated their LOC to include current beers. Therefore all the information on this season's pack is on the current LOC.

  • Boston Lager (Star-K certified)
  • Octoberfest (Star-K certified)
  • Black Lager (Star-K certified)
  • Pumpkin Ale  (Star-K certified)
  • Spruce Lager (Star-K certified)
  • Coffee Pale Ale (Star-K certified)

In conclusion, this makes the entire pack kosher certified. 

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