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Chanuka Beer Shopping Guide

When you walk into your local beer shop, chances are you are overwhelmed by the amount of choices confronting you. The aisle seems to be an endless wall of beer. Inundated by choices you end up choosing that which is familiar to you.
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Sometimes you take the time to look at some of the other interesting looking brews, but then you realize that you have no idea if that particular beer is kosher or not, so again you stick with the familiar.
While I can't help you shop completely, after reading this, I hope you will have some new brews to watch out for.
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With Chanukah approaching I have to include Shmaltz Brewing Hanukah beer. Shmaltz is located in Upstate New York and is had been brewing shticky brews for over 20 years. While not all their beers are kosher certified, almost all are by the KSA. This particular beer is brewed with chocolate which would definitely require a Hechsher, but the KSA has you covered. This beer should be a staple at every Chanukah party!

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Another chocolate beer to look out for is Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. This is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout and is not for the faint of heart.  The unique thing about this beer is that there isn't actually chocolate in it.  Rather, all the flavor is from the specialty malts used. BCS is kosher certified by the Va'ad of Detroit. You might ask if there is no chocolate why is it necessary too have kosher certification? This is a great question, and the answer is that you don't! However, with the use of chocolate on the label you can't lose by having a reliable Hechsher on it. 
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Another beer to look out for if you are lucky enough to be in it's distributing footprint (not all craft beers are distributed to all states, be sure to ask your local retailer) is Boulevard Tart Apple Radler. Boulevard is probably the most versatile kosher certified brewery.  They produce high octane beers for certified beer geeks, and introductory craft beers to those used to more lighter beers. Tart Apple Radler is one of the latter. Using a  lighter malt base,  the addition of the apples make for this one quaffable drink. Tart Apple Radler is certified under the Va'ad of KC. Certification is necessary as the apples make this a  flavored beer.
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If you are lucky enough to live in Oregon, then you get your hands on this chanuka beer from Leikam Brewery. Maccabeer IPA is a winter IPA and is perfect for cutting through the oil of the latkes and doughnuts.
This brew is certified kosher by the Oregon-K.

I hope this makes your Chanukah beer shopping a more enjoyable experience.

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